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Insects & Spiders

This is another 'popular' group of animals; you either love them or hate them! Members of the Insect family typically have six legs and Spiders eight. Some can fly, some are vegetarians and some are parasites. They are the most numerous creatures on earth and there are probably millions of species that we are yet to discover and name!


turantulaThese are typically large hairy South American spiders. Their African and Asia equivalent are known as 'Baboon' spiders and unlike tarantulas these often have very toxic venom that can be fatal to humans. The most commonly known and recognisable large spider is the Mexican Red-kneed Tarantula. These friendly tarantulas are popular as pets as they are calm, slow moving and manageable. Unfortunately their popularity as pets had led to large numbers being collected from the wild. Recent legislation and controls on export and import has helped to preserve wild populations and this species is quite easy to breed in captivity, although feeding several hundred tiny hatchlings until they reach full size can be a full time job!

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