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Our Story & History

1990 was the year it all started at Amazon World...

I had always had a passion for animals and birds and when fate steered me to the Isle of Wight I came across a large tropical house that contained some exotic plants and free flying birds. The then owners wanted to move on and as I had a collection of my own birds I thought that this would make a pleasant way to enjoy my hobby as well as giving other people some pleasure.


imageThe hobby quickly turned full time and shortly after deciding to give Amazon World 100% I visited the Amazon Basin in South America and saw for myself the effects the destruction of the rainforest was having on the native wildlife and the indigenous people. I came home determined to make people aware of the desperate situation and how close to extinction some of the animals and plants really are.


So Amazon World evolved into something more than a just a collection of animals; it is a zoo and a centre for education and conservation. As members of the British and European Zoo Associations we participate in international breeding schemes that help safeguard the future of some of the rarest animals in the world. Thousands of school children pass through our education department every year and our new Rainforest conservation project is helping to save acres of Rainforest in Ecuador!


Since you have taken the trouble to visit our website, we now count you among our friends. Please return in the future to see our new ideas become reality and remember that any questions or queries you have will be answered to the best of our ability.


Thank you and enjoy your visit.
Derek Curtis

Meet the Animals

Amazon World Zoo Park has a huge range of unusual rare and exotic animals. At the last count it was somewhere in the region of 200 different species, spanning the entire animal kingdom! . Read more...

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Conservation is the driving force behind what we do here at the Zoo. We develope breeding programs, educate the public and collaborate with other organisations to take part in research programs.Read more...

sponsorshipAnimal Adoption

Find out about how you can help protect endangered species through our animal adoption program here at Amazon World Zoo Park. Read more...