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To stimulate and enrich the lives of our animals, to promote escapism, play and concentration.


Primates come in all sizes, from the small pygmy marmosets to large mountain gorillas, squirrel monkey all showing great dexterity and intelligence to solve puzzles. Here at Amazon World Zoo Park we house several species of callitrichids, Howler monkeys, squirrel monkeys and the more primative lemurs of Madegascar. squirrel monkeys Primates are often drawn to anything new, bright colours, movable objects and tasty smells. Squirrel monkeys are a very inquisitive primate who often works in groups to overcome problems and solve tricky food dispensers. howler monkey Howler monkeys are a bit more cautious, taking their time to observe anything new. Think about what the object may be there for and whether it is there for good or bad. Although slower in their actions this whole period of thought, sitting, watching, is all red ruff part of the enrichment process.
The lemurs of Madagascar arguably are less intelligent than their more evolved primate relatives but still remain just as inquisitive when faced with a new object in their surroundings.


Kinkajou and Coati

kinkajou Kinkajou or Honey bear are one of South Americas more secretive mammal, seldom seen during daylight hours, it is a nocturnal species.They too are very inquisitive; with their nimble digits,five inch tongue and prehensile tail every angle can be explored. coati The Coati. More brutal in its approach, favouring brute force and speed over softly, softly. Once the Coati has gained confidence with the new object in their surroundings they waste no time to allow any other scavenger to come and steel any rewards on offer.



ocelot Ocelots like many cat species, are very playful, especially when they are kittens. Here at Amazon World our Ocelot's regualy have kittens and during this period enrichment is a vital part of the keepers day. Cats love to use their claws, paws and teeth. They will always make good use of scratching posts, kongs or balls.


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Amazon World Zoo Park has a huge range of unusual rare and exotic animals. At the last count it was somewhere in the region of 200 different species, spanning the entire animal kingdom! . Read more...

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