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These families of animal are totally reliant on water. Fish live in it all their lives and Amphibians at least part of it. Both families are vertebrates (have a bony spinal column) but differ in the way that they breath and reproduce.

Poison Dart Frog

poison dart frogThese tiny South American frogs (2-5cm) are some of the most brilliantly coloured animals in the world! There are around 65 different species but although all secrete poisonous toxins from their skin only 3 species have been identified as having been used by native people to tip the darts for their blowpipes. These frogs have no predators and are very bold and active during daylight. Some species have been bred successfully in captivity but some females take special care of their young even laying unfertilised eggs for them to feed from. This is behaviour that we have yet to encourage them to reproduce in a controlled environment. As these beautiful frogs are only found in the rainforest, deforestation is their biggest threat.

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