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Meet the Animals

Amazon World Zoo Park has a huge range of unusual rare and exotic animals, spanning the entire animal kingdom.

In this section we hope to give you an insight into the range of animals we are privileged to look after and spotlight some of the most popular and unusual. Inside our huge jungle areas the plants are as important as the animals, so we've added a special page just on plants to keep the Botanists happy!


Primates | Rodents | Cats etc | Tapir & Peccaries | Rare and unusual


Tortoises | Lizards | Snakes | Turtles and Terrapins | chameleons and Caiman


Parrots | Toucans | Penguins | Softbills | Rare and unusual

insects and spiders
Insects & Spiders

Cockroaches | Stick Insects | Millipedes | Tarantulas

fish and amphibians
Fish & Amphibians

Red-bellied Piranha | Horned Frog | Poison Dart Frog Axolotyl | Giant African Land Snails


Bromeliads | Fig Family | Swiss Cheese Plant | Peace Lily | Orchids Bamboo

sponsorshipAnimal Adoption

Find out about how you can help protect endangered species through our animal adoption program here at Amazon World Zoo Park. Read more...